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How Does It Work?

The Electro-Acuscope part of the therapy system repairs and regenerates nerves, whilst also indirectly treating connective tissues i.e muscles. It uses biofeedback technology to constantly monitor the tissue and adjust its output accordingly by measuring the resistance from point to point on soft tissues, determining the area’s conductivity. The information gathered, is then sent back into the Acuscopes computer system, where it calculates the appropriate healing waveform to send into the tissue. This all happens within 5 milliseconds; preventing overcharging or damaging the cells.  The Acuscopes biofeedback capabilities can also be utilized for a full body evaluation, locating problem areas with pinpoint accuracy, determining if the area is in an acute or chronic state. 

The Electro-Myopulse is used after the Acuscope’s assessment, this aspect of the therapy system directly treats connective tissue i.e. tendons, ligaments, fascia and bone. The Myopulse gently “pulses” the tissue with the appropriate amount of microcurrent, using a sinusoidal waveform. This opens the calcium ion channels and increases calcium production, thus improving circulation, releasing spasms, increasing range of motion,  as well as strengthening and repairing supportive structures.

In a pathological area (after the initial acute stage) electrical resistance increases and becomes higher than that of the immediately surrounding area. Regeneration is a series of electrochemical and endothermic reactions. This means that tiny quantities of electricity are necessary for the cells to complete the regenerative process. The resistance in an area that is not completely healed prevents electrical currents from flowing there. This is because the laws of physics require energy to take the path of least resistance so the current flows around the problem area. This prevents the tissue from getting the necessary energy to return to a healthy normal state.


Microcurrent therapy allows micro-electricity to pass into the area of pathology while still obeying these laws of physics. The addition of electrical energy to an area of pathology increases the electrical conductivity of the area and hence allows the body’s own micro-electricity to enter the area and affect the tissue.


The body is built on a complex matrix of cells.  Within the cytoplasm of these cells, there are mitochondria that create intracellular energy known as Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP).  The capacitance of the cell is relational to the concentration of ATP in the cell and ranges from about 0.1 to 3 microfarads. The ATP that is produced allows the cell to function; it is vital for metabolic exchange and cellular regeneration. During the intracellular metabolic exchange, the metabolic waste such as lactic acid or bradykinin which is an inflammatory mediator are reduced and a higher concentration of useful metabolites can enter the cell.   At this point, the cell can begin its regeneration phase pain levels are noticeably reduced and tissue regeneration functions are re-established. ATP is often deficient in the areas of the body which manifest pain. The electro Acuscope-Myopulse therapy re-establishes the Sodium Pump function and increases ATP production up to 500%. Microcurrent therapy was also shown to enhance amino acid transport and protein synthesis in the treated area 30% to 40% above controls. Together this increases the natural healing process by over 50%!



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